Bovine reproduction

Good reproductive performance plays a pivotal role in any herd, whether it be dairy or beef. At The Vet Group we cover all aspects of reproductive management, from data collection and record keeping to development of mating programs and investigations of poor reproductive performance. We take pride in having the skill required to pregnancy test, both manually and with ultrasound, and recognise that you deserve reliable and accurate diagnoses. Our large team of accredited pregnancy testers is able to deliver this as well as the more advanced skills of foetal sexing, embryo transfer and bull breeding soundness examinations.

Heifer weighing 

Monitor your heifers so you can keep their growth on track to meet target weight for mating.

Transition management advice 

We can assist you to develop a transition program that will reduce milk fever and mastitis risk in your herd.


Any cow that has twins; dead calf; milk fever or retained membranes eight hours after calving is at risk of developing infection in her breeding bag (uterus). Improve you conception rate by checking and treating infection in your at-risk cows, 3-6 weeks after calving,

Non-cycling cow programs 

The Australian In Calf fertility data project 2011 demonstrated that cows calved 9-12 weeks before planned started of mating (psm) have a 40% better in calf rate compared to cows calving 3 weeks before psm. Call us now to deliver a well planned non-cycling cow treatment plan to improve your herd’s fertility.


Herd synchrony programs 

We offer synchrony programmes that can improve heat detection; mating management and ease of transition management at calving.

Bull services 

If you are relying on bull power to bring home your mating, you need bulls that are sound in the feet and able to consistently deliver high quality semen. We offer: premating assessments of your bull team; testing and evaluation of semen; vaccination programs for protection against vibro and pestivirus; and our hydraulic tipping crush makes preventative hoof trimming easier and safer.

Pregnancy testing and diagnosis 

Knowledge is power. To protect and plan effective strategies for your next season we offer accurate manual and ultrasound scanning pregnancy test services. We have dairy data service facilities.

Foetal sexing 

Ultrasound has proven to be a very valuable tool for the reproductive management of cattle and now foetal sexing is possible. Foetal sexing can be performed using a hand held ultrasound between 9 and 14 weeks (55 and 100 days) in calf with the accuracy of skilled operators being greater than 95% (and in most cases closer to 99%).

Embryo transfer 

The Vet Group provides an Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) accredited embryo transfer service for on farm collection, storage and re-insertion of bovine embryos. We deal with fresh and frozen embryos.