Research, development, training and extension

The Vet Group is a leader in the delivery of on-farm research and development projects. Through our professional partnerships with universities and other industry service providers, we are dedicated to helping the industry progress. We have the expertise required to design and develop clinical trials and dairy extension activities for commercial clients.

Dairy industry extension activities

For more than 15 years we have been leading participants in a number of industry extension programs. These include Dairy Australia programs such as Countdown 2020, InCalf, People in DairyTop Fodder, CowTime and Rearing Healthy Calves. We can provide staff and manager training from one on one to large groups or on site advice specific to your circumstances.

Clinical trials

The Vet Group team has significant experience in coordinating and running scientific trials.  Staff have various post graduate qualifications in the fields of epidemiology, dairy cattle medicine and nutrition which enables us to tailor and deliver a wide range of options for clients.  We also bring to the table other partners within the university sector and access to the world's preeminent veterinary and animal health researchers.