Happy and healthy pets

To have a happy and healthy pet you need to do all of these things:

  • Dogs and cats should be vaccinated against potentially fatal diseases.
  • Dogs and cats should have an annual health check. This can be done at the same time as their vaccination.
  • Dogs and cats should be regularly groomed and checked for signs of illness.
  • Dogs and cats should receive regular preventive treatments for parasites such as fleas and worms. This will also protect you and your family from diseases that are passed on to humans. See Zoonoses at right.
  • Dogs and cats should have dental checks which will help find any problems early. Dental disease can make your pet very sick so prevention is much better than cure.
  • Dogs and cats need a well balanced diet that is nutrient rich. Learn about your pet's body shape and the ideal diet for their age and lifestyle. Follow feeding instructions on food packets carefully.

What is zoonoses?

There are a range of diseases which pets can pass on to humans such as round worm, ring worm, toxoplasmosis. These can also be referred to as zoonoses. Good hygiene practices, regular worming and flea treatment and keeping your environment free of cat and dog faeces will go a long way to minimising the risk of disease transmission.

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