Small animal reproduction

The Vet Group's Wollaston Clinic is a registered semen storage facility and our team based at the clinic offer a full range of small animal reproduction services.

Frozen semen storage

Registered semen storage facility that is able to organise transfer of semen straws from other storage facilities.

Progesterone testing

Blood is usually taken in the morning with results back by noon. These results are closely monitored waiting for the optimum time to take the bitch for natural mating or to perform artificial insemination.

Artificial Insemination

Fresh semen: For cases if the bitch will not stand or the stud dog is unable to mount the bitch. The semen is collected from the dog and drawn up into a syringe. A catheter is then used to inseminate the bitch immediately.

Chilled semen: Used if the dog lives too far away. The bitch is inseminated as for fresh semen or surgically performed.

Frozen semen: The semen is thawed and used to inseminate the bitch by a surgical method. The bitch is placed under general anaesthetic and a small incision made into her abdomen. The semen is injected directly into the uterus. The surgical wound is then closed.

Ultrasound pregnancy testing

This is done from day 24 of pregnancy

Whelping backup

We have veterinarians on call 24/7 should any help be required during whelping. If your bitch needs a caesarian we have a fully equipped modern surgery and a veterinary nurse will also be called in to assist.