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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

In modern veterinary practices, the ability to perform diagnostics on-site dramatically improves the standard of care that we can provide. Over recent years The Vet Group has invested heavily on modern and sophisticated equipment, including the following:

Digital Radiography

If your pet requires radiographs to be taken, we have a digital x-ray machine on site at both out Warrnambool and Timboon Clinics. These machines produce very high-quality images within minutes enabling us to thoroughly investigate our patients. Your pet may need to be sedated or anaesthetised for this procedure. In addition, the electronic files can be transferred both within our business and to veterinary specialists when required.


Our ultrasound machine can be used for diagnosing certain conditions in the chest or abdomen and can also be used to detect pregnancy in a way that is much safer than with traditional xrays. Usually, sedation is required and occasionally an anaesthetic. Unfortunately, your pet’s hair will need to be shaved for us to get the best image. We can also take pictures of the scans for future reference.

Idexx Blood and Blood Chemistry Analysers

In years gone by, we had to send blood samples to external providers to have analysis performed. With recent advances in technology, we can now do most tests in-house in a matter of minutes. This state-of-the-art equipment is constantly calibrated to maintain quality control and we try our best to keep the associated charges to a minimum. In older pets, we now are routinely encouraging clients to have pre-anaesthetic bloods performed on their pet, just in case there is some underlying medical condition that may increase anaesthetic risk.

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