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The Vet Group Value Proposition

The Vet Group will offer a proactive full-service model that is built around preventative based medicine delivered through a consultative advice approach, which includes education & training to ensure we deliver the best in class veterinary services & the supply of product that requires a high level of technical advice, welfare & stewardship so that we can meet the individual needs of our clients & their animals.

Mission statement

The Vet Group works to be the most trusted & respected veterinary care provider in our community by administering the best possible medical & emotional care & giving outstanding customer service to every patient & client at every visit.

  • To deliver a high level of integrated professional expertise in animal health, production, business, & strategic management.
  • To be a provider & partner in delivering innovative & proven solutions to our clients that add value, are practical, cutting edge & sustainable.
  • To be consistent in our service delivery through excellent customer service & an internal culture of support, sharing of knowledge & never-ending improvement.
  • To provide a workplace that challenges people to be their best, provides training & career paths, flexibility & challenges as well as being a great place to work.

Our Values

Our company values define us as a business. They underpin all of what we do & guide us in our day-to-day activities.  We acknowledge that our team is made up of individuals who have different responsibilities, strengths & weaknesses. We embrace these differences & stand by one another knowing our core values & goals are the same. As a team we can achieve much more together than we can as individuals. The values that define us are as follows:

Science & Value

We base our service delivery to clients on the foundation of veterinary science. Proven solutions that work for our clients & that add value. This is a core philosophy of our entire team. Every service & product we provide is approached in this manner coupled with a commercial focus to ensure the success of our clients.


Every workplace is unique, & employers & employees can show respect in different ways. There are some universal ways to show respect in the workplace & improve the levels respect within your team:

  • listen to what everyone has to say
  • pay attention to non-verbal communication
  • practice transparency
  • recognise the strengths & accomplishments of others
  • value the time & workloads of others
  • delegate meaningful work
  • practice common courtesy & politeness
  • prevent bias (even implicit bias)
  • include everyone in meetings, discussions, & celebrations
  • consider how others view you & your actions
  • help your peers
Enjoy & Be Part of the Community

We aim to make The Vet Group a professional & enjoyable place to work for our staff. We see ourselves as part of the local community & encourage all our staff to share this sentiment. As such, we regularly support a broad range of events, clubs, & community initiatives. It’s our way of giving back to the community that provides us with so much support.

Do it Once

We do not take short cuts – we do things the right way, the best way, first time round producing better outcomes for our clients & their animals. At times this might mean we take a little longer, or we use different equipment, or even we tackle those tough challenges as a team rather than individuals. In the long run, doing it once & doing it right is our approach which we are proud of

No Barriers: Find Solutions

Veterinary science is about solving complex problems & we never rest until we have done everything within our means to help deliver quality outcomes for clients & their animals.