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At The Vet Group, our vision is to be providers of a complete animal health service to your farm business, which includes a 24/7 emergency service for animals in urgent need of veterinary assistance.

We pride in offering an evidence-based service.  There must be science behind a product or service, for us to offer it. We are in an ever-changing world where consumer perception rules. We align our services and product sales with welfare needs, and put environmental and food safety stewardship at the forefront.

Our veterinarians bring with them the full support and experience of our entire team. Continuing education is our mantra so that we can bring you the latest science and treatment options from around the globe. 

Our on-farm services include:

  • Calvings and prolapses
  • Sick cows
  • Downer cows
  • Hip dislocations
  • LDA and other surgeries
  • Cancer eye treatments
  • Mastitis treatments
  • Disease investigations
  • Ultrasound pregnancy testing
  • Treating non-cyclers
  • Treating and blocking lame cow feet using a tipper crush
  • Bull soundness exams and foot blocking
  • Sick calf treatments
  • Calf disbudding under anaesthetic
  • Teat sealing cows and maiden heifers

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