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Lameness treatment and prevention

Lameness treatment and prevention

Lameness in dairy herds has a significant impact on production and reproductive performance resulting in unwanted culling, as well as the frustration of having to manage lame cows. Our vets and technicians deliver a quality service which is both safe and efficient. We use mobile hydraulic tipper crushes which are particularly useful for safely examining lame cows and bulls. We can also provide staff training tailored to individual farms needs.

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Individual lame cow treatment, herd hoof trimming and bull blocking

Hoof lesions account for 90% of lameness problems in dairy cows. The advent of hoof blocks and improvements in glues and techniques for their application, provides a successful means of treating lame cows.

There is the potential to manage hoof conditions better by doing preventive trimming on some farms using the tipper.  Blocking of bulls hooves prior to mating extends the life of bulls during the critical natural mating period


Having an understanding of foot anatomy and lameness conditions will assist farms to treat and prevent lameness.  The Vet Group offers training at farm or group level in these areas as well as workshops on applying blocks, choosing appropriate treatments practices to minimise lameness.

Prevention of lameness

There are many risk factors that can cause lameness in your herd, such as, walking distances, topography, track surfaces, yard surfaces, stockmanship, dogs and cow flow at the dairy.  The Vet Group can provide training for you and your staff to identify and understand these risk factors.

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