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Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Preschool

Puppy Pre-School is one of our most popular programs here at The Vet Group and comprises 4 classes run at our Wollaston clinic.

We have two classes each Wednesday evening starting at 6pm and 7.30pm. 

The program brings together all you need to know about caring for your new pup and helping them fit into your family life. We have been running it now for almost 20 years, and over that time it has evolved into one of the most recognised programs in the region. 

Puppy Pre-School is an early socialisation program that enhances the bond between you and your new puppy. Trained instructors run classes regularly with a one-hour session per week, over four weeks. During the program you will be given the most up to date advice on training, nutrition and parasite control, while your puppy has positive socialisation experiences with other puppies, people and environments.

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Why is Puppy pre-school so important?

Puppy Pre-School is a lot of fun, and it also plays a very important role in your dog’s life. It teaches your pup skills that will help them to become a happy and well-balanced member of your family.
The first 16 weeks of your dog’s life is their most sensitive socialisation period. This is the window of time in your puppy’s life where we have a great opportunity to influence who they will become as adult dogs.
Puppy pre-school familiarises and helps your puppy be comfortable and calm in many different situations that he or she will be exposed to later in life. It helps prepare them to deal appropriately with the new experiences and challenges which will arise throughout their life.

How do I enrol my pup in puppy pre-school?

Please call our friendly team on 03 5561 6911 to discuss when and how we can enrol your puppy in the next class.

Why choose The Vet Group Puppy Classes?

Puppies are precious members of your family who deserve the best professional care we can provide. Our classes provide the following benefits:

  • We create a positive association with the veterinary environment, (with many dogs being fearful of visiting the vets, this is extremely valuable).
  • We help you understand your puppy’s behaviour and read their body language.
  • We help you teach your puppy manners and basic cues.
  • We help to develop a trusting and loving bond between you and your puppy.
  • We provide positive socialisation experiences with other dogs and people.
  • We provide access to veterinary professionals for advice and guidance.
  • We provide a clean and safe veterinary environment, which is very important for puppies that are not yet fully vaccinated.
  • We focus on enrichment, habituation, socialisation, health care and grooming.

Our classes are suitable for puppies aged 8 to 14 weeks at the time of enrolment. If you pup is older or unable to attend, please sign up for the puppy-free information session. We are happy to provide this first session at no charge.

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