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Soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery


Our dedicated pet care veterinary surgeons have experience performing a wide range of soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery.

On the day of surgery

You and your pet will be met in reception by one of our experienced veterinary nurses. The nurse will weigh your pet and ask you a series of questions including the best contact number to keep you informed of your pet’s procedure and recovery. You will also be required to sign a consent form to give permission for the general anaesthetic and surgery to be carried out.

Continuity of care

Once admitted into our care, your pet’s veterinary nurse will make sure your pet is secure and comfortable in our animal hospital. The veterinary surgeon performing the procedure will check your pet and give them a mild sedative to settle them prior to their operation.

While every anaesthetic carries an inherent risk, the drugs we use are up to date and amongst the safest available. Your pet’s veterinary surgeon and veterinary nurse will monitor your pet very closely through anaesthesia and during recovery. Appropriate drugs to control pain will be given to your pet during the procedure.

Postoperative care

Most patients can go home the same day. You will be kept fully informed of their progress and the veterinary nurse will arrange a discharge time and will discuss post-operative care for your pet.

Surgery is routinely carried out Monday–Friday at the Wollaston & Portland Clinics and on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at our Timboon Clinic. Patients are usually required at the clinic by 9am on the day of their operation unless instructed otherwise. Emergency surgeries are performed as and when required.
Specialist & Referral Options

If your pet requires any surgeries or further diagnostics and work ups that we are unable to do in clinic and require referral specialist veterinarian attention, our staff will be able to assist you with this process to make it efficient as possible.

We are fortunate enough to be able to offer in clinic services of visiting specialists for the convenience of our clients and other rural pet owners who may not be able to travel to the CBD area.

We are currently able to offer specialist orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery, as well as ophthalmology consultations and surgery.

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