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Schooling at home 7.0

Last August – in a series of dairy-themed posts to celebrate Dairy Month, we included links to some schooling@home ideas. With the state in yet another lockdown we thought it was worth sharing a few more suggestions with a bovine bent. For cooking...

Louis Pasteur: a dairy hero!

Analysis of ancient pottery has shown that  humans have been consuming cheese and other dairy products for more than 7000 years. Recently, scientists discovered an actual chunk of 3300 year old cheese from an Egyptian tomb. And in it, they found traces of the bacteria...

More Cheese, Gromit

Cheese is a great example of human diversity and ingenuity. From the desert to the Swiss alps, five simple ingredients—milk, bacteria, rennet, salt and time—have been turned into thousands of types of cheese. So how about a closer look at some of the steps involved in...