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Australia has a worldwide reputation as a leader in the safety and integrity of its food supply chain. Maintaining this reputation is extremely important for those trading in export and domestic markets. Changes to the Livestock Production Assurance program, that came into affect on October 1st 2017, were designed by the red meat industry to further safeguard Australia’s food safety status. The changes see the addition of biosecurity and animal welfare requirements, a regular online assessment, online learning modules and an accreditation fee. Dairy farmers however, are exempt from some of the process due to existing quality assurance programs in the dairy industry. The changes coincide with the introduction of electronic National Vendor Declarations (eNVDs).

What is the LPA program?

The Livestock Production Assurance program is a voluntary quality assurance program set up by the Australian meat and livestock industry to help maintain the integrity, safety and traceability of livestock involved in the Australian food supply chain. There are seven requirements addressed in the program:

  1. Property risk assessments
  2. Safe and responsible animal treatments
  3. Stock foods, fodder crops, grain and pasture treatments
  4. Preparation for dispatch of livestock
  5. Livestock transactions and movements
  6. Biosecurity
  7. Animal welfare

Dairy Farmers – What you need to know

  • LPA accredited dairy producers need to register their dairy license number with LPA and complete a short assessment and declaration to renew LPA accreditation
  • Licensed dairy farmers are not required to complete the LPA learning modules as the dairy industry’s licensing and quality assurance programs meet these requirements
  • Licensed dairy farmers are exempt from paying the accreditation fee and from LPA random audits once they have completed the LPA re-accreditation process
  • If there are other livestock enterprises on the property (e.g. beef cattle, sheep or goats), these livestock can continue to be sold as LPA accredited and farmers will be notified separately at a later date about the LPA re-accreditation requirements for these enterprises
  • Free LPA electronic National vendor Declarations (LPA eNVD) are available
  • It is not compulsory to change to the eNVD

Dairy farmers – what you need to do

Complete the re-accreditation process when your re-accreditation is due or at any time from now until then (you will be contacted approximately two months before your re-accreditation is due).

  1. Log into the LPA database at lpa.nlis.com.au
  2. Select ‘Dairy’ as your enterprise type
  3. Input your Dairy License Number, and update your contact details if necessary
  4. Complete the short LPA assessment
  5. Complete your LPA declaration
  6. Record whether any other species or enterprise types are being run on your property

If you need help with your LPA accreditation call Farm Services on 1300 838 700 to speak to one of our veterinarians about the process.