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Dr Tom Walsh

Ultrasound technology now allows us to determine the sex of calves between 9 and 14 weeks of pregnancy. Farmers who are taking advantage of this service are able to take their cow and calf management to a whole new level.

Knowing the sex of a calf six months before it is born enables farmers to make some considered decisions about how they manage their herd. These decisions include:

Removing cows from the herd – if the decision to keep a cow in the herd is a borderline one, you may decide to keep her if she is having a heifer

Transition management – it gives you the option to manage cows carrying heifer calves differently to the cows carrying bull calves

Advancing calf acquisition decisions – if you know the next calving is going to be light on for heifers, you might opt to retain more from the current calving in a split calving situation. Or you might arrange to acquire some extra heifer calves from another farmer

Increased monitoing of cows carrying heifers ─ especially those of high economic value such as ET.

The Vet Group has competent ultrasound operators capable of helping you to determine the sex of your unborn calves. It is essential to arrange a visit at the right time in pregnancy. The window is 9 to 14 weeks but 10 to 13 weeks is ideal.

If you want to discuss with a veterinarian the possibility of using this service, call Farm Services 1300 838 700.