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Workshop: 20th of December 2018 & 7th February 2019

We all want heifer rearing to be an efficient, rewarding and profitable element of dairy farming. The better job we do rearing heifers, the better their long-term reproductive performance and milk production will be. The HeiferWise workshop gives you the tools to have a proactive approach to heifer rearing from weaning through to calving.

The workshop is run over two days and will give you:

  • Help to monitor your heifers’ progress by weighing and assessment of growth rates.
  • Knowledge of the nutritional requirements of heifers to achieve their growth rate targets.
  • Examples of labour and infrastructure requirements needed to feed heifers.
  • A comprehensive understanding of common heifer diseases.
  • Strategies to monitor and maintain good health, including recommendations for vaccinations, drenching and transition management.
  • An understanding of the pros and cons of different joining programs.

Workshop details

10 am to 2.30 pm both days.

DAY 1: Thursday the 20th of December, 2018. Timboon Clinic.

DAY 2: Thursday the 7th of February, 2019. A morning session on farm with an afternoon session at the Timboon Clinic.

There will be homework to weigh heifers and take faecal samples to assess worm egg counts between the two days.

The workshop costs $200 per person to attend, with lunch and HeiferWise Field Guide included. We encourage multiple people from one farm to attend, and so additional people from a farm will be half price.

Weigh service for workshop participants: $1.60 per head (up to 100 heifers, usually $2.60 per head).

Faecal egg count monitoring: $55 (this can be credited to drench purchased from The Vet Group if drenching is required).

If you would like to attend this HeiferWise workshop or have any questions, please call Farm Services on 1300 838 700.

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