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No matter how hard we try, most dairy farmers will experience the need to nurse down cows at some point throughout the calving season. Apart from high quality bedding, shelter, rolling, food, water and anti-inflammatory medications, it is also necessary on occasion to lift these cows using a tractor or other device.

Alternatively, it is also on occasion necessary to transport cows using a tractor – never an easy task. When the need arises, it is important to transport or lift cows in a manner that minimises further damage, pain and discomfort, and that is also safe and easy on the operator.

For years farmers have used a traditional hip lifting device, that clamps around the pelvis . Whilst these devices can be effective, experience will also show that they can cause damage to the cow if not used correctly, and do not always lift the cow in a balanced manner so that her weight is appropriately distributed.

For the last 12 months, The Vet Group has been retailing the Cow Pelvic Hip Lift by Steinford AgVet. Recently, a new, updated version of the device has been released. Whilst based on a tradition hip lifting device, we feel this new and superior model provides a much better outcome for both the cow and the people involved. Its advantages are:

  • The lifting action positions the pelvic seat under the cow’s pelvis (above the udder)
  • This keeps the animal’s back straight and aligned (unlike hip clamps where the hind-legs tilt down, straining the lower back)
  • A webbing strap evenly lifts the brisket
  • Cow lifts are horizontal as both lift points are matched
  • Animals can be safely and humanely transported for considerable distances
  • Unique counter lever lifting action drives the pelvic support system into place, beneath the pelvis
  • Pelvic support system self locates through this unique action
  • Easy and quick to apply

The lifts are available from The Vet Group’s Timboon and Allansford Clinics and online at  shop.thevetgroup.com.au