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Applying rubber blocks to your bull team is a very affordable treatment to help prevent bulls going lame during joining.

Bull blocking is a service provided by The Vet Group’s vets and technicians where reduced thickness rubber blocks are applied across all four feet of a bull, using the latest glue technology from the USA. The blocks help prevent lameness and improve workability. Local research conducted by Andy Hancock during his Masters study showed lameness to be a significant factor in bulls failing a VBBSE, especially towards the end of joining.

Applying blocks to your bulls’ feet is made far safer using our mobile hydraulic tipping crush. Using the tipping crush:

  • enables all four feet to be examined thoroughly
  • causes less stress on the animal
  • usually eliminates the need for sedation

Paul Dunn, a technician at The Vet Group says, “Keeping animals sound for the entire mating period, can be really challenging for farmers. That’s where our bull blocking service is such a tremendous help. Our trials have demonstrated that blocks applied prior to the bull’s commencement show significant wear and tear when inspected four weeks post application. Without the blocks, this wear and tear would be quite severe on your animal’s feet.

After receiving great feedback from farmers already using the service, we feel we have devised a good strategy to maintain your bull’s high performance during the mating period.

The cost of having a technician apply blocks to all four feet using our hydraulic tipper crush is $250 per bull.

Contact farm services on 1300 838 700, if you would like to speak to one of our technicians about applying blocks to your bull team.


We recommend placing rubber blocks on all the feet of all your bulls to prevent lameness.

New rubber blocks


Blocks 4 weeks into joining. Imagine the wear and tear on the hoof if the blocks were not there.