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Ultrasound technology – how does it work?

Dr David Colson When used by a skilled professional, ultrasound technology provides farmers with information that can be used in the reproductive management of their herd; it allows for early pregnancy diagnosis, foetal sexing and is gentler on both cow and operator....

The importance of teat spray

Dr Zoe Vogels Most bacteria that cause mastitis get into the udder through the teat canal. It follows that the more we can reduce bacteria on the teat end, the better we can reduce the risk of mastitis. Post milking teat spray is important for two reasons: the first...

Mycoplasma mastitis – what it is and how to avoid it

Dr Alex Crosbie Mastitis in any form is a costly frustration for many farms. While the majority of cases in Victoria continue to be caused by bacteria acquired from the environment, serious outbreaks of contagious mastitis have occurred in some herds. Mycoplasma is a...

Responsible mastitis management

The World Health Organisation warns that the increasing emergence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) will be the number one cause of human death in the next 30 years, if judicious and strategic use of antibiotics/antivirals in human and animal medicine is not put into...